Hi! I am working as Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer at Emory University. Before this I was doing AI research from DAIICT. I did my computer engineering from NIT Surat. I am interested in AI, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. I also do web development and designing. I have worked with various startups and plan to launch my own someday.

I did my Google Summer of code project with Emory university and developed a data visualization engine in the summer of 2014. I'll be continued with the same project in GSoC 2015 as well. Currently I'm working full time with my Google summer of Code organization. My work focuses on building tools for using big data in cancer research.

At DAIICT I was a part of the IRLab(Information Retrieval Lab) under Prof. Prasenjit Majumder. My Master's thesis was on Biomedical Information Retrieval. I also founded the ACM DAIICT Chapter and served as its Chairperson.

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  1. Good Morning mate. I came across your blog looking for a solution to an application I am developing. I need some help and will be very happy to pay for it.
    I like what you say about 'intelligent' Apps !!
    Regards Stefan Scholtz

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