Javascript workflow/toolchain

Javascript workflow/toolchain

I spend a lot of time writing javascript. Over the past few days I've tried to figure out the ideal workflow that works for me. I'm posting it here so that others struggling with similar issues can draw some inspiration and even help me improve my workflow.

I use Node.js to do most of my javascript development, both frontend and backend. Lets break down the workflow into components:

I recently switched to OSX and have started using iTerm which seems to be suiting all my needs. For Ubuntu I was using Terminator. I like being able to split my window into various terminals so as to code, read build information, and read logging information concurrently.
I use zsh as my shell. It has really nice themes and autocompletion.

Text Editor
Vim is my choice of text editor purely for its ubiquity. I write a code on remote machines so vim is really handy. I use a bunch of plugins to help me. I've started(recently) using Vundle to manage my vim packages.
I use syntastic with JSHint for my linting needs.

Build environment
I've used both gulp and grunt(comparing them would require another post) for building my code. I'll be writing more on this. I've spent quite a while figuring out the best build tools that work for me while working with React. But that would take up a whole post.


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  1. Nice stack, I pretty much use the same config. Here you said you like working in multiple split windows, so have you tried "Tmux" (multiplexer for terminal) which is really a good tool, and is also used by "iTerm", is also available for almost all platforms, try it you'll like it 🙂

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