InDEx: Integrative and Declarative Data Exploration

InDEx: Integrative and Declarative Data Exploration

As my Google Summer of Code project my plan was to develop an Integrative data visualization environment for TCIA. Over the summer me and my mentor Prof. Ashish Sharma, Emory University, decided to make a more general purpose and a declarative framework. What we finally came up with is InDEx.

Integrative: InDEx is integrative in the sense that it can take data from a variety of data sources, namely: REST APIs, flat files etc. These data sources might provide data in the form of JSON, CSV etc.

Declarative: Dashboard authors can declare an InDEx dashboard using 4 configuration files: dataSource.json, dataDescription.json, interactiveFilters.json, visualization.json

  1. Data Integration: InDEx uses the dataSources.json file to obtain information about the different data repositories, obtain data from them and pool them integratively into a pooled dataset.
  2. Initialize Filters: Some of the attributes in the pooled dataset are used as filtering attributes others are used as visual, or key attributes used while joining datasets.
  3. Render Filters: interactiveFilters.json files specifies the visualization used for filtering attributes.
  4. Render Visualization: The visualization panel is defined in the visualization.json file, which is consumed by the browser, to render the visualization.
Overview of declaration of InDEx


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