Mindbend and Sparsh 2010

Mindbend and Sparsh 2010

Finally...Mindbend and Sparsh are over πŸ˜€ they are SVNIT's tech and cult fests respectively. Together called as springfest :p

I was involved in the organizing team of Sparsh...initially as a web developer(check out : Sparsh's website) and later as a designer.
The fests began on 9th march, with the much hyped pyromania...its passes were priced from Rs 250 to 1000 o.O. It was short...but was mesmerizing enough. My mom loved it too πŸ™‚
Then the next day there was a lecture on Operating Systems by a guy from SUN(thanks to Sandy course) and MTV stunt mania. Missed them both πŸ™ had to do last minute designing work for sparsh. We headbanged our way during the evening to the tunes of our collage bands...the rock concert was awesome.

11th March, mom's bday :), was when the actual events kicked off. My team qualified for the second round in an advertisement making event. And I EVENTFULLY got into the second round of the IBM contest...there is another story to that πŸ˜‰

The next day, we had to enact an ad...which we did alright...but no luck. I gave my second round for the IBM contest. Then rushed to a mobile-app dev workshop...it was okay.

13th morning I woke up with a call from the organisers that I was in the final 5 of the IBM contest. I rushed to collage and gave a presentation on the case study I chose - 'Effective Web Search using web2.0 and semantic web'. Guess wot?...I won the finals!!! I got an IBM tee and A LAPTOP! as the prize :D. We had celeb night that day...a band called 'Bandish' performed...it was fun.

PS: My laptop winning idea:p on search engines is coming soon..

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