GCMS(my blogging system) alpha is here

GCMS(my blogging system) alpha is here

Well so after almost a fortnight of writing and rewriting code...i present the alpha of GCMS - The blogging system that lets you write(only!). Its still under development...so don't expect anything fancy because this the first working version, is just skeletal and there are no additional features. There has been hardly any testing and the code is premature.

BTW, the name, GCMS, is just a code name during the alpha version...actually i couldnt come up with any clever name, hence code name : GCMS :P, which stands for Ganesh's Content Management System. I shall come up with a better name...hopefully soon!

It is something I did for fun and for learning more about PHP. I plan to update it daily(i mean weekly :P) the code is free for use under the GNU GPL. I hope you build upon it, test it and share your insights with me and others 🙂

Download Source Code of GCMS 0.1 Jan05/2010

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