Resumed building a CMS/Blogging System

Resumed building a CMS/Blogging System

Over the past few days(almost a week) I resumed working on a content management system that I had abandoned a few months ago. It is coming up quite all right, and has some primitive functionality. I don't see it replacing wordpress for my site but it may come handy for smaller sites. Anyways, the main challenge I faced while resuming was the lack of documentation/commenting(duh! the books never lied about comments). I have made it a point to comment on whatever new code I write. And also, kudos to the online tutorials which have made life easier. Pagination is easy with the help of online tuts.

For those who are not following...things'll get clear as soon as the alpha version comes out...dont expect anything spectacular. It'll contain some basic(basic is an understatement...downright skeletal would be appropriate) features. Its not intended for commercial purposes, its just something I am doing to try out my PHP skills. BTW did I mention it runs on PHP and uses MySQL database.

Stay tuned for more updates...and expect better posts in the recent future 😉

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