Site Redesigned. Finally!

Site Redesigned. Finally!

So finally I decided to revamp the look of the blog. It took me nearly three days to get it done. The code was written on PHP Designer 2007 and graphics were made on Gimp. The CSS used is valid. Usability and accessibility issues were considered while designing.

Did you like the design? Or found a bug? Please post it in your comments.

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  1. Hey buddy,
    Great design but you need to increase the width of your frame or div that you are using for your blog posts. They take up only 40% of the width, it should be atleast 75 %. Code it in such a way that you make the width to be 75% of the user's resolution width. Gettting my point?

    Also, the tagline at the top -- Ganesh Iyer's Blog on Web Designing... - it is being overlapped by your links to your projects, webdesigns, about, etc.

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